Quartz Worktops  v.1.69

Quartz Worktops simple and easy jigsaw puzzle. Join the puzzles to make a complete puzzle.

Quartz AudioMaster Freeware  v.4.6.0026b

Quartz AudioMaster Freeware gives you access to a fully functional MIDI player, letting you record, compose, mix, play and share music using just a computer and a sound card.


Quartz Extreme Check  v.1.2

Quartz Extreme Check is a small Cocoa app that checks if the machine is using Quartz Extreme (OpenGL acceleration for Quartz) in Mac OS X 10.

Quartz Desktop  v.1.0.1

Quartz Desktop allows you to view Quartz Composer Composition (.

Micrspot MacDraft - Quartz Edition  v.5.5.6

About Microspot MacDraft - Quartz EditionDesigned for CAD users of all levels, Microspot MacDraft includes a full complement of drawing tools, as well as both ANSI and international standard dimensioning capabilities.

Mandelbrot Quartz Composer Plugin  v.0.6a

A custom patch for Quartz Composer which generates an image of the Mandelbrot or Julia sets with parameters for zoom, x, y, colour and colouring algorithm, and more.

Quartz-Sec  v.1 2

Discover how easy is to create compressed backups at high speed to get the job done in moments. Besides the habitual backup only updating the files recently modified or added,

Infinite Smiles  v.1.0

A Quartz Composer ScreenSaver based upon the Flowers work by zuga@zugakousaku.

Time Out Of Mind Twin Flames  v.1.0

A Quartz Composer ScreenSaver file.

Quartonian Mixer  v.0.55

Quartonian is a VJ Mixer program created entirely in Quartz Composer.

Time Out Of Mind Art Slideshow  v.1.0

A Quartz Composer ScreenSaver file based upon my September 2002 digital image, "Tumbling Myths".

Kover Kubes  v.1.0

An iTunes Visualizer using Leopard's Quartz Composer of album cover art displayed on rotating cubes of various opacity.

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